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Valuable or Valued

How often do you hear the phrase: “An organization’s most valuable asset is its people”? Unfortunately, valuable is not the same as being valued.

No one knows how long The Great Resignation will last. It all depends on how quickly employers can adapt to the evolving needs of their people. You’re well aware employees are quitting at record rates in search of freedom and opportunity. So AMP wants to focus on being your Jerry Maguire of talent optimization: Let us help you help them find purpose right where they are. Let’s give your people a reason to stay!

The year 2022 is an opportunity to be agile. Pay attention to your people. Approach your people with intention. Reaffirm the value they bring to the organization, and help them carve out a future they can take pride in.

The team at AMP is always available to discuss your goals and needs for 2022 and beyond when it comes to optimizing talent in this ever-changing work environment. Let’s talk!


(SOURCE: Predictive Index)

NEWS AMP IS FOLLOWING Big Changes Still Ahead for Corporate America and Work

Texas, Arizona Have Recovered Jobs Lost From Pandemic

Work From Home Is Becoming Permanent

Jobs on the Rise 2022 FUN FACT German chocolate cake was invented in Texas The “German” part of German chocolate cake comes from an American man—not a European country. Specifically, it’s named after Sam German, who in 1852 created the formula for a mild dark baking chocolate bar for Baker’s Chocolate Company, which was subsequently named Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate. Fast-forward to June 13, 1957. The Dallas Morning Star published the recipe for the cake, invented and submitted by a reader identified as Mrs. George Clay, according to What’s Cooking America. Now you’ll be even more interesting at parties!

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