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A Prescription for Employee Health and Safety

The pandemic has forced decision-makers to deal square

A recent article by Danielle Abril at the Washington Post highlights Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal who like many of you was in uncharted waters when the pandemic hit full force.

He and his team had to decide how to handle the thousands of workers who cut and fit the eyewear brand’s lenses, sell its frames in stores, and run the business from its two corporate offices in New York and Nashville. And as the pandemic dragged on with new variants emerging, plans had to constantly shift.

“Over the past few years, a lot of CEOs have really had to become armchair epidemiologists,” he said. “When the pandemic hit, the framing of health and safety quickly jumped to the top” of the priority list.

In dealing with your current state of employee retention, hiring and team building, health and safety have been pushed to the forefront of business strategy and talent demands.

This trend is affirmed in the Predictive Index “2022 State of Talent Optimization Survey”. When executives were asked to share the top reasons they believe their people are quitting. The No. 1 response, by far:

  • Inflexible work options/hours (32%).

A common factor correlated to this percentage is companies didn’t seem to care much about employee health and safety. Coming back to the office or limited to no remote work were just a few of the factors. In fact, two more of the top five reasons are also associated with health:

  • Stress and/or burnout (18%)

  • Physical health was suffering (17%)

Workplace flexibility is no longer “nice to have”; it’s essential.

Employees are talking and walking because of these issues. It’s why so many want leave to start their own business or pursue work with a startup company. We believe the opportunity is ripe to align your business strategy with the proper needs of your talent. Data can help you gain deeper understanding of your current and potential employees in order to create solutions to effectively address this topic. Addressing health and safety head on can lead to attracting the kind of talent who want to contribute to your success today and in the future.

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Fun Fact of The Week

With the Super Bowl behind us and the close of the regular season of NFL football, we thought these fun facts would be great to share with your colleagues, family and friends:

It’s The Second-Highest Food Consumption Day

Super Bowl games and festivities go hand in hand with fast food like chicken wings and Pizza, making it the second-highest food consumption date following thanksgiving. Again, most people wash down the meals using their favorite drinks.

Halftime Artist Perform For Free

The NFL has a policy that they will not pay artists to perform. However, they cater to the artist’s expenses when presenting the Super Bowl entertainment.

A Children’s Toy Inspired Super Bowl Name

The name Super Bowl was the brainchild of Lamer Hunt, who was a Kansas City Chief. He inspired this name from the 70s toy known as Super Ball.

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