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Lead by Example and Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is real. But are your team leaders the answer ... or the problem?

We’re sure it’s a topic you’ve discussed many times over the past year among employees and peers. The level of burnout among employees may be at an all-time high. So how do you resolve this issue while keeping the company moving forward? Our Predictive Index team did a wide-reaching survey on this matter. The results? Of several questions respondents were asked: “What their managers can do to address a lack of team morale?” Among those with good managers, the most popular answer was “Lead by example” (40%). As for those with bad managers, only 12% said the same, while 47% simply said, “Not much.”

When monitoring for burnout, it isn’t enough to prioritize your employees’ health. As a people manager, you set the example. Gestures as simple as taking time off or logging off at 5:00 can create a ripple effect throughout your team—and create a culture of sustainability. However, what if a bad manager is the cause for employee burnout? This is when good data and insights from employees can help identify this issue to take appropriate action to boost morale and productivity. Better yet, let’s help see the problem before it becomes a serious problem by making the right hire and building the right teams.

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